New Year – New ADV @ USD38.37bn, Overall Volume @ USD844bn, & Daily Record @ USD51.8bn

February 1, 2019 – JERSEY CITY, N.J – FXSpotStream® starts off 2019 by hitting its first ADV record of the new year at USD 38.37 billion, an increase of 17.97% MoM (Jan ‘19 vs Dec ’18).  January’s ADV of USD 38.37 billion represents a YoY increase of 45.67% over the ADV in January 2018 of USD 26.3 billion. January’s ADV represents an increase of 7.01% over the prior ADV record in October of last year of USD 35.9 billion. FXSpotStream® has also recorded its Highest Overall Volume in January 2019 with an overall volume of USD 844 billion, a YoY overall increase of 45.67%.  January 3rd hit a new record daily volume at USD 51.80 billion beating our previous daily record of USD 49 billion on US Election Day in 2016 by 5.50%.  January’s records follow a record ADV increase in all of 2018 of 53% over 2017

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