Real Time Data Analytics

Empowers you to manage your trading needs more effectively to maximize trading performance

FXSpotStream®’s analytics suite, FX|InsightsSM, delivers real-time data to its clients and Liquidity Providers to meet the business challenges and demands of trading FX and Precious Metals. The continued focus on transparency and interest in managing the entire life cycle of an order have been key drivers in the development of FX|InsightsSM.

Our powerful visual analytics tool provides you with valuable insights to help you manage your orders more effectively. You are able to utilize the data to identify and often pre-empt trading issues that may occur. Access to real-time data helps you investigate and resolve issues more quickly and efficiently.



  • Helps you accurately record and monitor transparency in pricing and support best execution requirements
  • Allows you to track statistics relating to the life cycle of an order from initial price to order confirmation
  • Helps you benchmark performance over time by monitoring historical data reports
  • Real-time dashboards across a number of data-sets including order latency, rejections and fill ratios
  • Monitor post-trade impact in near real-time with enhanced Decay Analysis Report
  • Helps you evaluate the spreads across your liquidity providers


  • Pre-defined reports available with each one composed of multiple graphical views
  • Multiple view types available: pie chart, bar chart, line chart or table
  • Filters can be applied across all data sets including selecting date and time ranges
  • Historical trading records
  • Ability to download data in simple CSV files
  • Zoom in/out feature for bar and line charts
  • Access FX|InsightsSM GUI from your browser without any need to download software onto a local PC/network

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