GUI Offering

Trade from your browser with pricing from fifteen global Liquidity Providers with no Transaction Fees or Commissions


Key Benefits:

  • File Upload feature allows clients to upload, manage and execute multiple orders in the Staged Order Blotter
  • RFS Batch Execution allows clients to simultaneously execute multiple RFS requests
  • Enhanced RFS montages which ensure that orders are not overfilled or executed in the wrong direction
  • Access over 70 different Algos from 14 LPs via a single GUI
  • The GUI is based upon HTML5 technology which allows it to be launched directly from a browser without any need to download software onto a local PC/network
  • View FX Spot, Outright Forwards, Swaps, NDF/NDS and Precious Metals Spot and Swaps prices on a single screen and receive prices on Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and Request for Stream (RFS) bases
  • Build multiple spot widgets on multiple tabs with individual widgets to place around the desktop for an efficient use of space
  • FX Swaps are available on an RFS basis, allowing both even and uneven Swaps through any date your Liquidity Providers permits using our quick tenor or broken date functionality
  • Build and view a Swap Curve, choosing your tenors up to 18M. This allows you to see best price for each tenor selected
  • Integrate with all major post-trade STP channels
  • Build and customize multiple blotters to view open/filled orders
  • Download trade reports into Excel for your records

Learn more about the key Features and Benefits by downloading our Product Sheet.

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