GUI Offering

Trade from your browser with pricing from fourteen global Liquidity Providers with no Transaction Fees or Commissions

Key Benefits:

  • The GUI is based upon html5 technology which allows it to be launched directly from a browser without any need to download software onto a local PC/network
  • Trade FX Spot, Outright Forwards, Swaps and NDF/NDS on a single screen and receive prices on an Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and Request for Stream (RFS) basis
  • Build multiple spot widgets on multiple tabs with individual widgets to place around the desktop for an efficient use of space
  • FX Swaps are available on an RFS basis, allowing you to trade both even and uneven Swaps through any date your Liquidity Providers permits using our quick tenor or broken date functionality
  • Build and view a Swap Curve, choosing your tenors up to 18M. This allows you to see best price for each tenor select
  • Integrate with all post-trade STP channels
  • Download trade reports into Excel for your records

Learn more about the key Features and Benefits by downloading our Product Sheet.

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