Algos And Allocations


Access the entire Algo Suite of the FSS LPs via a single API And Over The GUI

  • 70+ Algos, 200+ Parameters
  • API Access
  • GUI Access Available
  • Connect Once
  • Never Charged a Fee By FSS
  • Access to Banks Analytics Tools
  • Support for both Spot and NDF Algos
  • Support for Benchmark Fixings and Resting Orders

Clients will not be charged a fee by FSS

FSS does not charge clients a fee to access the Algos or use Allocations of any of its LPs. Any fee an LP may charge for access to their Algos or Allocations functionality will be handled directly with the LP


Assign pre- and/or Post-trade Allocations

Support for Pre-Trade Allocations in both RFS and ESP Protocol. Post-Trade Allocations are limited to those clients pre-approved by their LPs

Allocations can either be implemented by the client or through an OMS or third-party vendor

No Additional Network Infrastructure or Connectivity Required

Clients seeking to access the Algos of the FSS LPs do not need to add any additional network infrastructure, connecting in the same way as they do today - accessing a normalized API or GUI through a single FIX connection that provides access to the Algos offered by multiple LPs


24/5 Global Support

Dedicated regional support is available from the open of the Service and following the close of the Service. Regional support available from within the US, Europe and Asia, including a local Tokyo support staff fluent in Japanese

Ready to expand your FX and Precious Metals to multiple banks with a single API or GUI?