FXSpotStream (FSS) is a bank owned consortium operating as a market utility, providing the infrastructure that facilitates a multibank API and GUI to route trades from clients to Liquidity Providers

FXSpotStream provides a multibank FX streaming aggregation and a matching service supporting trading in FX Spot, Forwards, Swaps, NDF/NDS and Precious Metals Spot and Swaps.

Launched in December 2011, FXSpotStream eliminates the costs of execution for price takers and offers banks and clients the ability to communicate bilaterally and in a fully transparent manner.

Clients can access a GUI or single API from co-location sites in New York, London and Tokyo and have the ability to communicate with all Liquidity Providing banks connected to the FXSpotStream Service.

FXSpotStream does not charge brokerage fees to its clients or Liquidity Providing banks.

In addition to not charging brokerage fees, data or hosting fees, FXSpotStream allows its clients to connect one time to one API or GUI and trade with as many banks as the client has a relationship with.

A client is able to:

  • reduce the number of physical connections associated with writing to and maintaining multiple APIs or accessing up to 15 banks on one screen
  • reduce the human capital cost
  • reduce the time to market
  • preserve the bank to client bilateral relationship with price streams tailored specifically for the client
  • improve performance depending on the existing connectivity