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No Transaction Fees For Clients

No commissions, data, access or hosting charges – FXSpotStream® does not charge its price taker clients for use of the Service, does not engage in proprietary or other forms of trading or add spreads to any transaction supported by the Service

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Foreign Exchange Spot, Forwards, Swaps, NDF/NDS and Precious Metals Spot and Swaps

FXSpotStream® can support any currency pair that a Liquidity Provider will stream. Precious Metals include Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

Connect and Receive Pricing From Multiple Banks via a Single API or GUI

A client can connect from sites in New York, London and Tokyo and trade with any of the 15 Liquidity Providers that they have a dealing relationship with


Dedicated Price Streams

Liquidity Providers can stream prices tailored specifically for a client’s needs

Bilateral, Fully Disclosed, Transparent Service

Trading takes place between counterparties that have a trading relationship


Reduce the Line and Maintenance Costs of Multiple APIs

By connecting though only one API or GUI a client reduces the costs associated with multiple connections such as colocation charges, maintenance fees and the hidden costs of allocated IT resources

Continuous Trading Availability Hours

The FXSpotStream® Service opens on Monday at 0700 NZT and closes on Friday at 1700 NYT


24/5 Global Support

Dedicated regional support is available from the open of the Service and following the close of the Service. Regional support available from within the US, Europe and Asia, including a local Tokyo support staff fluent in Japanese

Ready to expand your FX and Precious Metals to multiple banks with a single API or GUI?