API Offering

API Options 

Clients can interact bilaterally with Liquidity Providers in three ways:

Full Amount – Best bid/ask for full amount

Pass through – Fully disclosed, depth of book

Limit Orders

  • One or both limit orders options can be selected
  • Pass through mode supports order and quote based price streams
  • Both Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and Request for Streams (RFS) available
  • Price streams are fully configurable and dedicated limit order functionality is available
  • No size or currency pair limitations
  • Connected to various STP providers for post-trade notifications

Connectivity Options

Clients can connect to the FXSpotStream® Service in multiple ways:

  • Cross-Connect – Clients located in Equinix facilities are able to connect to the Service via a 1g or 10g cross-connect
  • Metro Connect
  • Extranet – connectivity is available through various extranet providers
  • VPN
  • Public Internet – Clients connecting to the NY2 site can connect through the Public Internet

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