Company History

Wells Fargo Added As Liquidity Provider

USD845b- Highest Monthly Overall Volume

USD42.258b - Highest Monthly ADV

UBS Joins as Liquidity Provider

Tokyo site live (TY3)

Tokyo Office Opened

Support for NDF/NDS Added

Support for Algos and Allocations Goes Live

State Street joins as a Liquidity Provider

Standard Chartered joins as a Liquidity Provider

Spot Precious Metals added

Societe Generale joins as a Liquidity Provider

Record USD10Trillion in volume supported over the Service in all of 2020

Precious Metals Swaps Added

Overall Volume Passes USD50Trillion Since Company Went Live

Overall Volume for Year 2020 reaches USD11 trillion (Up 18.52% YoY)

New York site live (NY2)

New Monthly ADV Record (USD73.645bn) set in January 2024

New Highest ADV (USD73.351BN) And Overall Volume Record (USD1.613TN)

New Highest ADV (USD70.115bn) And Overall Volume Record (USD1.613tn)

New Highest ADV (USD63.135bn) And Daily Record (USD113.7bn)

New Highest ADV (USD62.38bn), Daily Record (USD89.6bn) and Overall Record (USD1.372tn)

NatWest Added As Liquidity Provider

MUFG joins as a Liquidity Provider

Morgan Stanley added as Liquidity Provider

London site live (LD4)

London Office Opened

Launched FX|Insights, real time analytics tool

June 20th - USD52.537b Daily Volume Record

Jeff Ward Begins As CEO

Highest ADV (USD47.84bn), Daily (USD 86.9bn) and Overall Record (USD956.7bn)

GUI added to FXSpotStream®

FXSpotStream® wins the FX Week award for Best Professional e-Trading Venue

FXSpotStream® wins P&L Readers' Choice Award for Best Liquidity Aggregation Platform

FXSpotStream® LLC, a subsidiary of LiquidityMatch LLC, is Formed

FXSpotStream® Launches New HTML5 GUI

FXSpotStream® Joins the FXPA

FXSpotStream Crosses Trillion Dollar Monthly Mark

FX Forwards and Swaps and RFS Functionality Added

First Live API Client

First GUI Trade

Credit Suisse joins FXSpotStream® as a Liquidity Provider

BNP Paribas Added as Liquidity Provider

Barclays joins as a Liquidity Provider

All Bank Algos Added To Our GUI

4X|Box Trading Tools Introduced

Ready to expand your FX and Precious Metals to multiple banks with a single API or GUI?