FXSpotStream will support all currency pairs that our Liquidity Providers will Stream

NDF and NDS – Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) and Non-Deliverable Swaps (NDS) differ from regular forward and swap products in that the underlying currencies are not exchanged, instead the trades are cash settled in the primary currency, typically USD, although other currencies are sometimes used as well.

FXSpotStream is one of the few services that allows clients fully disclosed NDF and NDS streaming of prices. Clients have the option of accessing both NDF and NDS products via one or both of the execution types available on FSS (Streaming and/or RFS) for standard tenors as well as broken dates with FXSpotStream’s 15 Liquidity Providers.

A wide range of NDF/NDS currency pairs are already supported on the Service, typically Asian and South American currency pairs. However, with FSS technically able to support any currency pair that our LPs support, we welcome inquiries about additional pairs. The sales team at FXSpotStream is available to discuss specific requirements and how we can help enhance your NDF/NDS trading experience.


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