FXSpotStream Announces Improvements To Decay Analysis Report

FXSpotStream are adding a valuable piece to their analytics catalog with the recent improvements to their Decay Analysis Report. Available to clients using the price-streaming Service, the report provides valuable, near real-time data to aid decision making.

In recent years the FX market has seen a seismic shift, from primarily manual and subjective decision-making processes, to an increasingly automated, data driven alternative. At FXSpotStream we have observed a growing requirement for real-time data and analytics to assist both clients and liquidity providers in optimizing their execution.

Our FXInsights analytics portal has been live since August 2018 and has been evolving ever since. A strong dedication to improvement, and close collaboration with our client base has led to the continuous development of the platform.  The most recent addition to the FXInsights reporting catalog is the Decay Analysis Report which addresses a growing interest from clients to benchmark the market impact of their trading activity and use this data to refine execution strategies and drive improvements in trading relationships with liquidity providers.

Liquidity providers have, for some time now, been using market impact data as a key performance metric for client flow. This data is used to drive pricing strategy and analyze potential yield opportunity. It is therefore paramount that clients have access to similar data sets to enable informed discussions with their counterparties and proactive liquidity management.

At no cost, the FXSpotStream Decay Analysis Report allows clients to monitor post trade market impact by CCY pair and liquidity provider in near real-time, with trades available for analysis within seconds of execution. Users can filter their data sample on any number of variables such as time/date range, CCY pair, liquidity provider, account and order type. This gives clients the ability to perform focused investigations, then share these insights with counterparties if they choose. The report has been updated to incorporate a mid reference price generated from actively priced pairs by the FSS liquidity providers. This also includes robust outlier and skew detection logic to form a reliable market MID.

For more information on the Decay Analysis Report, or to schedule a demo, please contact Henry Durrant at hdurrant@fxspotstream.com.

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