July Volumes: USD64.037 Billion; Second Highest ADV Ever

July overtook June as our second highest ADV ever, at USD64.037bn, an increase of 0.31% MoM. June had previously set a record for the second highest ADV, following a 9.32% increase over May 2022.

July’s ADV represents a 33.66% growth in terms of ADV YoY for FXSpotStream, the largest YoY volume percentage increase of any month so far in 2022. This YoY growth is a strong indicator of the continued market share gains as FXSpotStream continues to grow at the fastest rate of any FX service reporting volumes. This came with the help of new ADV highs in Swaps, NDS and Algos via FSS.

Year to date (Jan-Jul), in 2022 FXSpotStream has supported USD9.308trillion, with an ADV of USD62.054billion during that period – an increase of 25.28% when compared to the same period last year (Jan-Jul).

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