Algos And Allocations Functionality Over API

Access the entire Algo suite of the FSS LPs via a single API

FXSpotStream provides clients with access to over 70 different algos and 200+ algo parameters supported by the LPs. Clients will also be able to choose a specific liquidity profile at the bank with the ability to select to execute against the bank’s liquidity alone or a variation of the bank’s full offering.

A great deal of work has taken place to support this move, and the aim was always to make the interaction between client and LP as efficient as possible. Clients seeking to access the algos of the FSS LPs will not need to add any additional network infrastructure, connecting in the same way as they do today - accessing a normalized API through a single FIX session that provides access to algos offered by multiple providers.

The decision to accommodate FX algos will also see a move to FIX 5.0 standards and the addition of “Amend and Cancel” capabilities. Clients will also have the added options of “Fill Now” and “Suspend and Resume”.  This also includes support for Resting Orders and Benchmark Fixing Orders, as well as spot, forwards and NDFs over the LP algos. Following the launch of the algo functionality over the API, algos are targeted to be available over our GUI in the near future.


  • 70+ Algos, 200+ Parameters
  • API Access
  • Connect Once
  • Never Charged a Fee By FSS
  • Access to Banks Analytics Tools


With the significant growth of Hedge Funds and Wealth Management firms, FXSpotStream has added functionality to support FX Allocations over its API. The combination of the Algo functionality with the support for allocations will appeal to hedge funds, asset managers, multinational corporations and regional banks. However, that is not the extent of their focus, and ultimately any client, with an interest in accessing the Algo suite of a Tier 1 provider or needing allocation functionality, will be able to utilize the new Algo service.

Though Pre-Trade Allocations are generally executed in the RFQ protocol, FSS will support this for full amount ESP orders. Post-Trade Allocations will be limited to those clients pre-approved by their LPs.

Allocations can either be implemented by the client or through an OMS or third-party vendor. FXSpotStream is vendor agnostic and actively encourages clients to discuss their opportunities with our partners to find the one that best suits their needs.

For more information on gaining access to the FX Algos and Allocations functionality over the FSS API, please contact

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