Due Diligence Questionnaire

Welcome to the FXSpotStream Due Diligence Questionnaire.

You are invited to complete the questionnaire and provide supporting artefacts completing the due diligence activity.  Please note that that the estimated time for completion of this questionnaire is 30-60 minutes. You can stop and save your progress at any point and come back, should you need to collect further information. The questionnaire constitutes of 13 sections that may require input from the following sections:

  • General information
  • Supply chain - Risk/Supplier management
  • Internal & External Fraud Risk - financial crime and fraud department
  • Data protection and Digital Data that you store on behalf of the Controller - DPO
  • Financial - Finance
  • Security, Change Management and Patching - Information security
  • Business Continuity, Physical security and Disaster Recovery - Operational resilience management
  • People risk and Personnel - Human Resources

If you have any questions regarding the questions asked please do not hesitate to contact Martine Zawada at mzawada@liquiditymatchllc.com.

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